The most efficient aerobic exercise for fat burning 8-week HIIT training plan

is one of the most effective fat-burning aerobic exercises and is often described as “intense” and “not for beginners.” Today I’d like to introduce you to an 8-week HIIT workout plan. This set of plans starts with the simplest “basic version of HIIT” and gradually becomes a HIIT expert over 8 weeks of training. Do you want to be a beginner forever ? If you don’t like it, come here!

8 week HIIT workout plan.

Plan A: Weeks 1-2 (exercise 3-4 times a week)

Low intensity phase: 60 seconds

High intensity phase: 15 seconds

A total of 12 cycles alternating for 15 minutes

Plan B: Weeks 3-4 (exercise 3-4 times a week)

Low intensity phase: 60 seconds

High intensity phase: 30 seconds

Alternating 10 cycles, 15 minutes

Plan C: Weeks 5-6 (exercise 3-5 times a week)

Low intensity phase: 30 seconds

High intensity phase: 30 seconds

A total of 20 alternating cycles, 20 minutes

Plan D: Weeks 7-8 (exercise 3-5 times a week)

Low intensity phase: 15 seconds

High intensity phase: 30 seconds

A total of 20 alternating cycles, 15 minutes

Recommended training

jump rope

Introduction pose

1. Hold both ends of the skipping rope and place the rope behind your body.

2. Bring your elbows close to your body and place your hands between your hips.

movement posture

1. Tighten your abdomen and jump your legs together.

2. Don’t jump too much. Jump the rope over your feet just inches off the ground.

Rope length: walk with both feet on the rope, handle at chest


1. Eyes: Look straight ahead. Bending your head causes your body to lean forward, putting more pressure on your lower back.

Second state of mind: Relax. Don’t overthink the correctness of each part of your body, just follow your senses. Everyone is born with the ability to run. Our body is the strongest running machine.

3. Jaw: Relax and open your mouth. In this way, you can breathe through your nose and mouth together, providing more oxygen to your body and increasing your energy supply.

4. Shoulders: Naturally sink and relax. If your shoulders remain tense (pulled to your shoulders) while running, extra energy is expended.

5. Hands: Make a half fist and imagine pinching a potato chip between your index finger and thumb. Relax your hands and save energy.

6. Back: Keep your body straight and do not bend. Correct posture aids breathing, promotes blood circulation, and reduces the risk of injury.

7. Ankle Joint: Lean slightly forward.

8. Feet: Forefoot, heel, or midfoot, whichever is better, current research is inconclusive. There is no one-size-fits-all gait, and forcing a change in your current gait increases your risk of injury. You should pay more attention to how often your feet hit the ground. By increasing your cadence, you reduce your risk of injury.

rotating bicycle

When using a spinning bike for aerobic exercise, the seat height should be adjusted in advance. If your seat height is good (usually hip-bone level, near your hips), then: ① Sit on the bike, place your heel on the pedal, and lower the pedal (toward 6 o’clock). Completely straight (legs are fully extended ); 2) Place the widest part of the forefoot on the pedal and step on it with your knees slightly bent (25 to 35 degrees) when you step down . ③ When riding a bicycle, the waist should not sway. ④ When kicking, you don’t need to kiss your toes and don’t bend your ankles too much.


Introduction pose

1. Stand with your feet together and place your hands on either side of your body.

movement posture

1. Hold your hands above your head and jump with your feet apart.

2. After landing, feet are wider than shoulder width apart and hands touch the top of the head.

3. Jump again to return to the starting position. This is a full jackpot.


High Intensity Stages: Sprint stages such as sprinting, cycling at maximum speed, jumping at maximum speed, and rope jumping at maximum speed.

Low intensity phases: slow phases such as jogging, slow walking, slow jumping rope, slow cycling, slow jack jacks, or complete rest (except cycle 1)

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